The Solution for Automotive Electrical Repair

Is your car or truck suffering from a problem that no auto mechanic is able to solve? Or perhaps you want to install the audio system of your dreams, a remote starter or other electronic gadget. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

A myriad of control systems and an intricate tangle of wires are meant to work seamlessly to run your car or truck, unlock doors, move seats, provide entertainment and more. But when there’s a snag in the electronics, you need an automotive electrician. Short Circuits Automotive’s staff has had a laser focus on automotive electronics for over two decades. We can fix your problem right the first time for a driving experience that smooth, fun and trouble-free.

“Jason has an uncanny ability to identify and diagnose problems that other experts throw their hands up and walk away from. In addition, he sets the bar for integrity, punctuality, and value. I have dubbed him ‘Mr. Wizard’ and cannot recommend him enough.”
– M. Berman

“Jason has fixed a door lock problem that my mechanic wouldn’t even touch.”
– Rick Bergami

Customized Automobile Electrician Service for All Makes and Models

We work on all conventional and hybrid cars and trucks. Just decide whether you would prefer a phone consultation or a visit at a convenient place of your choice, and call to set an appointment.

And if you’re an auto mechanic trying to track down an elusive problem, rest assured we work our magic for auto repair shops too.


Diagnostics and Repairs

If you have problems with starting your car, charging, check engine lights, fuses that blow, or damaged wiring, we can troubleshoot the problem, discover the root cause, and fix it at an honest reasonable cost.

“If you have an electrical problem with your car that no one else has been able to figure out, chances are very good that Jason will diagnose and rectify the problem simply and at a very reasonable cost.” – Marsha Bove

Electronic Device Installation

Wish you had that high-end audio or video system? Need a little help finding your way with a navigation system? Want to warm up your car with a remote start or track it down with GPS system? Or perhaps your life would be safer with a Bluetooth hands-free system that lets you keep your hands on the steering wheel. If any of these gadgets are on your wish list, we can install them seamlessly into your automobile.

“Jason is one of the most detail oriented … knowledgeable person in the car audio/customizing field … he has an acute aesthetic for not only what sounds great but what integrates perfectly into an auto’s scheme.”  – M.Tarsia

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, our GPS Fleet Tracking Systems can boost your company’s productivity. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your drivers’ locations while gaining insights on their driving habits. So you can have your fleet running on all cylinders–tune up routing, lower fuel and labor costs, crank up response times and keep your customers smiling.

“Advantage Ambulance was in need of an online tracking system to manage our fleet of ambulances. We contacted Jason to locate and install the system in our vehicles. He did an excellent job and the telemetry system has been a major help in raising productivity and accountability of our EMT crews. It has been instrumental in helping debunk a number of false vehicle accident claims filed against us since we could prove exactly where our vehicles are at all times.  Jason has helped us with moves, changes and adds after the initial install and has become our “go to guy” for anything relating to our onboard electrical and electronic challenges.” – Les Lishon

Electrical System Restoration

If your electrical system is old or damaged due to theft or fire, we can restore the system so it functions like it’s brand new. We even convert electric systems from 6 volt positive ground to 12 volt negative ground.

Bottom line:  if you’re faced with an automotive electrical challenge, we can help. Call us now at 610-405-6816 to schedule an appointment. 

EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE FOR AUTOMOBILE OWNERS ONLY:  If Short Circuits Automotive can’t find the problem, all you pay is a $125 service charge even if we spend 10 hours on troubleshooting. That’s how sure we are that we can help … what do you have to lose?

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