Custom Fabrication & Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions at Short Circuits Automotive. Most often, our answer to customers is “Yes, we can do that!” Many of our Frequently Asked Questions may help answer your preliminary inqueries. We love talking with our customers to assess their needs and find out exactly what functionality they want in their car. We then work together to design a solution, and then implement it.

Q: What types of automotive electrical issues do you repair?

A: We install, repair, replace, service, troubleshoot, and upgrade many types of electrical issues:

Aftermarket Systems:
A/V systems, Instrument cluster (gauges), OEM and Aftermarket Head Units, dashboard electronics, heated seats, keyless entry systems, power locks, power windows, remote start, and sound systems.

Battery, Charging, Electrical Systems, and Starting Issues:
Alternator, regulator, starter motor, battery discharge issues, fuses that keep blowing, and any inoperative electronics that require repair/servicing.

Custom Builds & Electrical Projects:
Installations, repairs, troubleshooting, upgrades, and wiring related solutions.

Engine Computer Related Problems:
ECM, PCM, and TCM problems, check engine lights, drivability issues, and no start conditions.

HVAC Air Conditioning:
Climate control diagnosis and component replacement.

Infotainment & Audio System Repairs & Upgrades:
Navigation, Apple Carplay & Android Auto integration, rear camera systems, LCD display repairs, and rear seat entertainment.

Lighting Repairs & Improvements:
Repair stock vehicle lighting systems and upgrades, ambient LED lighting additions, LED auxiliary and off road lighting, daytime running light retrofitting, LED/HID headlight conversions, and concealed strobe light installations.

Power Accessories:
Power windows, power locks, keyless entry, smart key systems, trunk/hatch release, power sliding doors, sunroof and convertible tops, power seats, heated seats, ventilated seats, and windshield wiper systems.

Safety Systems:
Airbag System, Rear View Cameras, Parking Sensors, Safety Systems, and ADAS (Advanced dDriver Assistance Systems), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS).

Wiring Related Repairs:
Improvements & rewiring, melted/chewed/damaged wiring (rodent, fire, water, collision related damage), and full vehicle rewiring and harness restorations/solutions

Q: Do you travel to job sites?

A: Yes we are available to be booked daily and travel to your dealership, repair shop, location, or home depending upon the project and within a 50 mile radius of our shop. For distances greater than 50 miles, please contact us to discuss. However, all scheduling, project work, and payment for services and travel must be arranged before any work is completed. For smaller projects, we are available to be booked for a half day plus travel costs.

Q: How much do electrical repairs cost?

A: This is a tough question to answer As electrical problems can be vastly different between manufacturers and severity of the issue. We are super proficient at what we do and the total labor time for troubleshooting is usually a fraction of what anyone else out there can deliver. Our hourly labor rate is also less than dealerships and independent mechanics keeping overall costs much lower for our clients. The fact that we are able to repair and reengineer problems with electrical components and systems also keeps cost on replacement parts down as well. We have a lasers focus and the experience to tackle electrical/drivability problems nobody else can resolve.

Q: Do we do vehicle maintenance, inspections, brakes, tires, etc?

A: We do not offer these types of services as we only specialize in electrical systems. There are plenty of good shops/dealerships that we could recommend for those types of services but we do not perform those types of services in house.

Q: What problems won't we fix?

A: Our suggestion is to call and have a phone consultation and see if we can help. In almost all cases the answer will be yes but there are some scopes of repairs outside of our usual wheelhouse. If it’s outside of our scope of services we can gladly recommend someone more suited to handle these types of repairs. We are the most cost effective solution for electrical based repairs but there are others who can handle mechanical/maintenance type work better than us. If your vehicle requires mechanical or maintenance related services at the time we can outsource and facilitate those aspect of repairs to make it as smooth and painless of an experience for our clients.

Q: Do you work on only automobiles?

A: We work on Automobiles, Boats, Buses, Cars, Hybrid & EV Vehicles, Limousines, Mopeds, Motorcycles, Recreation Vehicles (RV), Scooters, Trailers, and Yachts. If it moves or used to move, we will repair it!

Emergency Vehicle Repairs:
We service ambulances, fire, police, and school vehicles and integrate electronics and lighting (e.g. non life saving equipment), 2-way radios, strobe lights, and light bars.

Control system repair and replacement, HVAC, A/V systems, and electrical problems.

Water Damaged Vehicles:
Problems with control modules, relays, switch gear, sensors, etc.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Short Circuits Automotive is located just outside of Philadelphia at 447 Limerick Center Road, Linfield, PA 19468.